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Berlin - 16/17.09.2022 | nur mit Einladung - Invite Only


Lerne konkrete Methoden für die Arbeit mit Missionen anhand eines Case Studie


Arbeite Missionsorientiert und praxisnah


Identifiziere von Interventionsmöglichkeiten, definiere Missionen und setze dich mit relevanten Ökosystemen auseinander


Erhalte ein Playbook, das Du anschließend in deiner Arbeit verwenden kannst

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Mission Oriented Innovation (MOI) is a term coined at University College London (UCL) Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) under the leadership of Prof. Marianna Mazzucato. It forms the basis for the Horizon Europe program and is already being used successfully by cities such as London, Barcelona, Manchester and Stockholm. Mission Oriented Innovation Policy (MOIP) is a method that rethinks innovation in the public sector from the ground up. In addition to England, the Scandinavian countries are also leading the way - the Swedish state innovation agency Vinnova, for example, is one of the pioneers of MOIP and has already implemented a number of projects at state level.



The MOIP approach is targeted and can be used for the entire spectrum of innovations to address the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda, spanning social and technological innovations.



Nadim Choucair, Maximilian Maraucher and Kurt Klusch are strategic innovation experts with deep knowledge of the MOI approach. In this workshop, they introduce this method to public sector officials and other ecosystem stakeholders and provide a concise approach for workshop attendees to bring this methodology into their work

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